Can you briefly introduce your company?

Asia Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd is a high-tech company that develops daily necessities chemical process equipment technology and provides turnkey projects for customers.


The company is "quality is the life of the company" for the purpose of the main production and sales of various washing supplies, according to customer needs to develop and build factories. The company has a daily chemical product testing center, a washing supplies factory and a mechanical equipment factory. It integrates product research and development, production and sales, foreign trade export, product quality inspection and technology transfer. The company has passed ISO quality management system certification, CE certification, and obtained product import and export qualification certification.


The company's products and technologies are distributed in more than 20 provinces and cities nationwide, and exported to Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Russia, Africa, the European Union and other countries and regions.


Is your laundry liquid production equipment guaranteed?

Dear Sir, using our laundry liquid production equipment, the products produced according to the technical formula we provide can meet international standards.

The products produced by our laundry liquid equipment have passed the quality inspection of relevant departments.

Which plant can you build? What is your business scope?

Asia Chemical Engineering CO., LTD supplies following complete plants or Production lines:

1. Household chemicals fields:

■  Detergent powder plant

■  Toilet soap and laundry soap plant

■  Cosmetic production line

■  Liquid detergent production plant

■  Toothpaste production line

■  Sulphur dioxide sulphonation / sulphation plant

■  Oil and fats refining and hydrolyzing plant

■  Glycerine production plant

2. Basic chemicals fields:

■  Sodium sulphate plant

■  Sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP) plant

■  Sodium silicate plant

■  Sodium carbonate plant

■  Caustic soda plant

■  Optical brightener plant

■  Chlorine derivatives plant

■  Phosphoric acid plant

■  CMC Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose plant

■  Sodium percarbonate, sodium perborate plant

■  Carbon black plant

■  Poly aluminum chloride(PAC) plant

3. Petroleum and gas

■  LNG plant

■  Petroleum refining plant