Sulphuric Acid Plant Equipment

Multi-tube falling film sulphonation (sulfation) reactor is used in this plant.
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Sulphuric Acid Plant Equipment


Multi-tube falling film sulphonation (sulfation) reactor is used in this plant. 

The organic feed materials include DDB, LAB, fatty alcohols, laurel ether, α-olefins etc.

Two control alternatives are available: conventional or computer controlled.

The plant is composed of following Processing units:


— Air drying


— Sulfur melting and dosing


— Sulfur burning and SO3 generation


— Sulphonation/sulfation


— Neutralization


— Exhaust gas treatment

Sulphuric Acid Plant Equipment

1  We provide perfect construction drawing and sulphuric acid equipment.The multi-tube falling film sulphonator supplied by our company is one of the most advanced Sulphonation reactor in the world. Besides the sodium salt of linear alkylbenzen(LAS),it also can produce alcohol ethoxylate sulfate (SLES), alpha-olefin sodium sulfonates(AOS),sodium alcohol sulfate (SAS), and fatty acid methyl ester sulfonates(MES).Varieties of sulphonation products could meet the market demands well.

2.  According to the capacity, 500 kg/h to 3,000 kg/h

3. The process control project of sulphonation production line supplied by our company could realize the complete automatization. 

4. Control the whole production line by the computer system(PLC or DCS).The operator could make dialogs with computer by keyboard(worktable).The process parameters are controlled from computer. Also the computer controls the actuating mechanisms of the filed instruments to meet the required operating parameters for the sulphonation process.

5. My company projects in the Middle East, Africa, southeast Asia, European and American countries implement, deeply customer high praise.


Q; What is the quality of your machines?

A; Our machines are manufactured in strict accordance with national and international standards.

     We test each machine before leaving the factory.

Q; What is the price of the machine?

A; We can give the lowest price than the market price.

    We will quote any customer as soon as possible.

    Machines can be discounted based on quantity.