Sulphuric Acid Plant Equipment Solution

Multi-tube falling film sulphonation (sulfation) reactor is used in this plant.
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Complete sets of equipment for sulphuric acid production (quantity, scale, quality, characteristics, reputation, share)

The company's products have achieved full-process coverage of sulfuric acid production. In recent years, it has provided a number of high-quality projects for domestic and foreign customers in the form of general contracting of sulfuric acid plant design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning. The number and scale of installations are industry-leading, with the largest production capacity reaching 1.6 million tons per year, and the processing gas volume of 320,000 Nm3/h.


Multi-tube falling film sulphonation (sulfation) reactor is used in this plant. 

The organic feed materials include DDB, LAB, fatty alcohols, laurel ether, α-olefins etc.

Two control alternatives are available: conventional or computer controlled.

The sulphuric acid plant equipment solution is composed of following Processing units:


— Air drying


— Sulfur melting and dosing


— Sulfur burning and SO3 generation


— Sulphonation/sulfation


— Neutralization


— Exhaust gas treatment

Sulphuric Acid Plant Equipments

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