Sodium Silicate Production Line

Sodium Silicate Production Line

There are two processes for sodium silicate production line. The first one is reaction in liquid phase; the second one is reaction in solid phase.
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Asia chemical can provide a solution for the sodium silicate production line according to customer needs, providing a range of services from research and development, manufacturing, production and after-sales.

Solid sodium silicate production line

The sodium silicate produced by this sodium silicate production line has the modules depending on requirements of different applications.

Application filed: 

A. Applying the surface of the material to improve its weather resistance. Impregnating or painting porous materials such as clay brick, cement concrete, Portland concrete, stone, etc. with water glass with a density of 1.35g/cm? can improve the compactness of the material. Strength, impermeability, frost resistance and water resistance.

B. Reinforced soil The water glass and calcium chloride solution are alternately injected into the soil, and the generated silicic acid gel is in a humid environment, and the soil is in an expanded state due to absorption of soil moisture, thereby consolidating the soil.

C. Formulating a quick-setting waterproofing agent.

D. Repairing the cracks in the brick wall After the water glass, the granulated blast furnace slag powder, the sand and the sodium fluorosilicate are mixed in an appropriate ratio, they are directly pressed into the cracks of the brick wall to bond and reinforce.

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