Sodium Silicate Production Equipment

Sodium Silicate Production Equipment

There are two processes for sodium silicate production. The first one is reaction in liquid phase; the second one is reaction in solid phase.
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Sodium Silicate Production Equipment

We are experienced and have developed latest technology and machinery for sodium silicate production which is widely used in construction ,textile ,daily chemical and other industries.

Sodium silicate is the most widely developed product in inorganic silicon compounds. It has been used for more than 100 years, and its application scope almost permeates all sectors of the national economy. Sodium silicate is the most valuable filler in soap industry. Adding sodium silicate into laundry soap can buffer the alkalinity of laundry soap, reduce the loss of laundry soap in water, enhance the washing ability and prevent the soap from rancidity

Finished product specification:

Produce liquid sodium silicate by sodium silicate production equipment , Standard product with the ratio 1.8-2.6, solution concentration 40°Bé, more higher concentration should be customized. 

Sodium Silicate Plant

Asia Chemical is a professional engineering contracting enterprise, which involves many industries such as daily chemical industry and industry. We have a lot of experience in building factories. If you want to build a sodium silicate plant and are looking for a professional team to provide you with solutions and follow-up support, please contact us