Sodium Silicate Process Equipment

Sodium Silicate Process Equipment

There are two processes for sodium silicate production. The first one is reaction in liquid phase; the second one is reaction in solid phase.
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Sodium Silicate Process Equipment

Process reaction in solid phase (thermal process)

The feed materials in this process are sodium carbonate and quartz sand, or sodium sulfate and quartz sand. The feed materials are heated in a reflection furnace. 

The sodium silicate produced by the sodium silicate process equipment has the modules depending on requirements of different applications. has the modules depending on requirements of different applications.

Process Features: 

1. Finished product to be solid, convenient for transportation, and low transportation cost. 

2. Finished product used in widely range, mole ratio can be regulated during dissolving work, almost applicable for all the industrial work. 

How to pay attention to protection during sodium silicate production operation

1, first of all in the work must avoid letting the skin and eyes come into contact with sodium silicate.

2. take care to wear a mask when handling sodium silicate to avoid inhalation of sodium silicate mist or dust.

3, due to the irritant and corrosive properties of sodium silicate on the skin and respiratory tract mucosa, if you eat sodium silicate, you should immediately rinse your mouth with water, you can drink milk or egg white detoxification, and immediately go to the hospital for medical treatment.

4. to prevent fire treatment of sodium silicate, if sodium silicate is burned, it is necessary to quickly evacuate personnel from the leaked contaminated area to the safe area for isolation, and strictly restrict access.

Sodium Silicate Process Equipment