Sodium Silicate Equipment

Sodium Silicate Equipment

There are two processes for sodium silicate production. The first one is reaction in liquid phase; the second one is reaction in solid phase.
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Sodium Silicate (Water Glass) Plant

We have rich experience in developing sodium silicate equipment. Our equipment is widely used in construction, textile, daily chemical and other industries.

Use of water glass

A. brush the material surface to improve its weathering resistance. The porous materials, such as clay brick, cement concrete, Portland concrete and stone, with a density of 1.35g/cm?, can be impregnated or painted with water glass, which can improve the compactness, strength, impermeability, frost resistance and water resistance of the materials.

B. in the reinforced soil, water glass and calcium chloride solution are alternately pressed into the soil, and the silicic acid gel generated is in the state of expansion due to the absorption of moisture in the soil, so that the soil is consolidated.

C. prepare quick setting waterproof agent.

D. repair the cracks on the brick wall, mix the water glass, granulated blast furnace slag powder, sand and sodium fluosilicate in proper proportion, and press them directly into the cracks on the brick wall, which can play a role of bonding and reinforcement.

E. sodium silicate solution can be used as the external surface of fire door.

F. it can be used for making acid resistant cement and lining of furnace and cellar. Physicochemical properties

G. preparation of silica gel

Finished product specification:

Produce liquid sodium silicate , Standard product with the ratio 1.8-2.6, solution concentration 40°Bé, more higher concentration should be customized. 

sodium silicate equipment

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