Liquid Sodium Silicate Production Line

Liquid Sodium Silicate Production Line

There are two processes for sodium silicate production. The first one is reaction in liquid phase; the second one is reaction in solid phase.
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Asia has decades of experience in the production and export of Liquid Sodium Silicate Production Line, providing a leading and complete process control system for modern industrial production. With many projects in different countries and regions, Asia is proud to be a leading engineering expert.


We have rich experience in building Liquid Sodium Silicate Production Line, and have developed the latest sodium silicate production technology and machinery, which are widely used in construction, textile, and daily chemical industries. We provide mature sodium silicate equipments construction plan for domestic and foreign customers

Liquid sodium silicate

Process reaction in liquid phase:

Caustic soda, quartz sand and water are mixed in mixing tank, then the mixture is fed into a reactor, where steam is introduced. The reactant is liquid sodium silicate with its module lower than 3. The reaction is as following:

nSiO2+2NaOH图片3.jpg Na2O·nSiO2+H2O  

Liquid Sodium Silicate Production Line

Usage of Finished Product :

----Metal repair. Sodium silicate and magnesium silicate work together to form a thick slurry layer on metal surfaces such as mufflers, so as to achieve the role of repairing and protecting the metal surface;

----Car repair. Inject liquid sodium silicate into the center of automobile head parts, such as engines, and form a strong sealant after high temperature to repair the parts;

----Aquaculture. It can be used as an aquaculture hatching substrate for algae growth;

----Food preservation. Eggs kept fresh with liquid sodium silicate can be kept for 9 months;

----Wood processing. Wood treated with sodium silicate is more resistant to insects and has a stronger flame retardant effect;

----Concrete. Mixing sodium silicate with cement and sand will make the concrete dry faster, stronger, more resistant to water, acid and abrasion through chemical reaction;

----Used in the manufacture of quick-drying cement, acid-resistant cement, water-proof oil, soil curing agent, refractory materials; subway grouting, waterproofing, leak plugging, mine dressing, etc.;

----Sewage treatment. As wastewater treatment in sewage treatment plants. The water glass will precipitate the binding molecules and heavier pollutants and separate them from the water molecules to clean sewage;

----As detergent auxiliary and textile dye auxiliary.

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