Liquid Sodium Silicate Equipment

Liquid Sodium Silicate Equipment

There are two processes for sodium silicate production. The first one is reaction in liquid phase; the second one is reaction in solid phase.
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Asia has decades of experience in the production and export of sodium silicate production equipment, providing a leading and complete process control system for modern industrial production. With many projects in different countries and regions, Asia is proud to be a leading engineering expert.

The Sodium Silicate production technology provided by Asia has the advantages of low investment, easy operation and high utilization of raw materials. The quality of the products produced by this process is stable.


We have rich experience in building liquid sodium silicate equipment, and have developed the latest sodium silicate production technology and machinery, which are widely used in construction, textile, and daily chemical industries. We provide mature sodium silicate equipments construction plan for domestic and foreign customers

Liquid sodium silicate

Process reaction in liquid phase:

Caustic soda, quartz sand and water are mixed in mixing tank, then the mixture is fed into a reactor, where steam is introduced. The reactant is liquid sodium silicate with its module lower than 3. The reaction is as following:

nSiO2+2NaOH图片3.jpg Na2O·nSiO2+H2O  

Application Filed: to be widely used in detergent powder, laundry soap, paper making de-ink.

Specification of Finished Product :

Produce liquid sodium silicate , Standard product with the ratio 1.8-2.6, solution concentration 40°Bé, more higher concentration should be customized. 

Process Features: 

1. Energy saving, low processing machinery, civil construction investment and low production cost. 

2. Finished product to be liquid form, can be directly used, no need dissolving machinery and dissolving processing work.