Sodium Silicate Plant Dough Mixer Soap Making Machine

Sodium Silicate Plant Dough Mixer Soap Making Machine

There are two processes for sodium silicate production. The first one is reaction in liquid phase; the second one is reaction in solid phase.
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Sodium silicate production technology operates by direct attack of silica sand with caustic soda, to produce sodium silicate solution, a raw material largely used as agglomerating agent in the manufacture of powder detergents.

Sodium Silicate Process Equipment

Process reaction in solid phase (thermal process)

The feed materials in this process are sodium carbonate and quartz sand, or sodium sulfate and quartz sand. The feed materials are heated in a reflection furnace. 

The sodium silicate produced by the sodium silicate process equipment has the modules depending on requirements of different applications. has the modules depending on requirements of different applications.


The plant is fully automatic to minimize number of necessary operators.All operations are controlled and regulated by advanced PLC system, guiding the plant to the achievement of product specifications.

Advantage of Sodium Silicate Process Equipment

● The product has good uniformity, fluidity and solubility, high product purity and good quality.

● The production process is simplified, and the operation and control are convenient. It can be adjusted by changing the operating conditions within a certain range, and the control and management are very convenient.

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Sodium Silicate Process Equipment

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