Liquid Sodium Hypochlorite for Sales

Liquid Sodium Hypochlorite for Sales

Asia has a wealth of experience in the construction of sodium chlorite plant. The sodium chlorite plant is environmentally friendly and has a long life cycle.
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We will further strictly follow the international quality management system, improve product quality, innovate, perfect ourselves, serve the industry, and provide new and old customers with advanced, high-quality, high-performance Chlorine Allied Production Plant, Top Detergent Powder profession, Sodium Triphosphate Production Equipment with sincere services. Since its inception, our company has been highly praised. The product quality is stable and reliable and the price is affordable and the delivery is fast. It is exported to foreign countries for sale. We sincerely welcome the new clients abroad to build organization associations and also hope to consolidate the associations while using the long-established prospects.

Sodium Chlorite

Molecular formula: NaClO2

Molecular weight: 90.44

Properties: white or microstrip yellow-green powder or granular crystal, is a strong oxidant, releasing CIO2 gas in case of acid.

Hazard: Strong oxidizing. At 175 ° C, it decomposes and heats up. When it comes into contact with combustible materials, it will explode and must be safe.

Storage and transportation characteristics: the warehouse is ventilated and dried at low temperature; it is stored separately from acid and combustibles.

Asia has a wealth of experience in the construction of sodium chlorite plant. The sodium chlorite plant is environmentally friendly and has a long life cycle.

Sodium chlorite plant

For consume the Chlorine, we also propose the following projects, these product is widely to be used in industrial field, customer can make choice according to their local market demands, we can do the project according to the customer request. 

Bleaching powder concentrated, Calcium chloride, Poly Aluminium Chloride, Chlorinated paraffin, etc.

The core strengths of Asia:

1. New technology development capabilities,

2. Design capabilities,

3. International Engineering Management,

4. Customer Service

Asia Chemical is a professional engineering contracting enterprise, which involves many industries such as daily chemical industry and industry. We have a lot of experience in building factories. If you want to build a sodium chlorite plant and are looking for a professional team to provide you with solutions and follow-up support, please contact us

We always do the job to be a tangible group making sure that we can provide you with the top top quality as well as ideal value for Liquid Sodium Hypochlorite for Sales. We are dedicated to the satisfaction of customers and try to meet their different requirements, sample orders are accepted. We are committed to improving employee quality, creating top-rate quality, delivering satisfactory products and services to customers through standardized management.
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