100/300/500/1000/2000kg/H Toilet Soap and Laundry Soap Manufacturing Plant

100/300/500/1000/2000kg/H Toilet Soap and Laundry Soap Manufacturing Plant

Soap Plant Description The soap base can be produced by batch kettle or continuous saponification process from oil & fats. The liquid soap base is vacuum dried into soap noodles, then to be added with perfume, anti-oxidation agent, colorant, etc additives in a blender for homogeneously...
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The successful development and implementation of our multifunction laundry detergent powder, liquid detergent making plant, Phosphoric Acid making plant will support the development of the industry and the enhancement of economic benefits. We've Updated our catalog, which introduces our organization. We continue to improve our product and service system, and provide quality products for our customers abroad.

Apply range of Soap Production Plant: 

to produce various toilet soap, laundry soap, soap noodles with different shapes and formulation.

1.Soap noodles production line plant machinery 

The feed material is oil, fat and caustic soda through neutralization reaction into active matter of sodium fatty acid, it can be dried into formed into soap chips, grain/noodles.

Apply range: Main Raw material to produce various formula soap

2.Soap finishing line 

The feed material is soap noodle. The noodles are mixed, milled, refined and comes out from vacuum plodder in form of continuous soap bar, which will be stamped into shaped toilet soap. The capacity is 0.2t/h to 4 t/h. the operation mode can be manual or automatic.

Apply range from soap noodles to produce Translucent soap, laundry soap and toilet soap, beauty soap.

Soap Production Line

Soap Production Lines

Soap Production Plant

Through on-time logistics delivery, our 100/300/500/1000/2000kg/H Toilet Soap and Laundry Soap Manufacturing Plant will be delivered to customers quickly and safely. With all those advantages, we are going to create'the reputable international brand of nylon monofilaments', and spreading our products to every corner of the world. We win the care and support of customers with high-quality products, and the market popularity and market share have been continuously improved.


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