I. Introduction to Asia Service

Asia Chemical Engineering Co.,Ltd, is an engineering company specializing in the development of new technologies and new equipment in various fields such as daily chemical, basic chemical, oil and natural gas.

Asia Chemical can provide advanced technology and engineering design according to the needs of different users, and can provide users with turnkey projects to complete a production plant from technical consultation to engineering design, equipment manufacturing, complete configuration, engineering installation, construction guidance, commissioning training, formula tuning, After-sales service until the production of qualified products.

Asia Chemical has rich industry experience, professional technical team, strict quality management, sophisticated machinery and equipment, and complete supporting services to provide global customers with standardized, high-quality and efficient engineering services.

Asia Chemical provides one-stop service to provide you with the most worry-free turnkey projects. Service design management, engineering, technology, capital and other aspects.

Business scope: daily chemical industry, basic chemical industry, oil and natural gas and many other fields. For example: washing powder production line, sulphonation production line, caustic soda production line, LNG equipment, etc. Asia Pacific accepts customized needs and provides you with the most complete service.




2. Service Scope


Management services: project contract management / project construction management / plant operation management and engineering management such as EPC/EPCM/EP.

Engineering services: pre-project consulting services / planning design / feasibility study / engineering design / procurement / export shipping / on-site construction / commissioning drive / and operation and maintenance after the project is completed.

Technical services: new product development / new process technology development / exhaust gas treatment technology / sewage zero emission technology / energy consumption technology / factory big data application technology / production line energy-saving transformation technology / production line automation upgrade technology.

Capital operation scope: cooperative construction / product development / marketing / raw material procurement, etc.


service process

3.Service advantages and characteristics

Advantages: As the most advanced chemical engineering design enterprise in China, it has provided daily chemical and inorganic chemical equipment to more than 200 users worldwide. More than 30 years of experience in engineering design and construction, contracting 80% of the world's laundry detergent chemical construction projects, contracting a number of chemical plant projects (sulfonation production line equipment, water glass production line, phosphoric acid production line, etc.)

Features: With resource integration, contract management, and EPC as the core, Asia Chemical  provides multi-faceted management services and ultimately serves customers.