Which Is Better,washing Powder Or Washing Liquid

- Nov 29, 2019-

We have to wash clothes every day. We used to wash clothes with washing powder, but later businesses have launched washing liquid, so most people turn to using washing liquid. Is washing liquid really cleaner than washing powder? Which is better, washing powder or liquid?

1. Sense of use

Many people think that washing powder will burn their hands and the washing liquid will be mild. This is because there was phosphorus in the washing powder before. If you touch it for a long time, your hands will turn red. But now the washing powder, have improved this point, will not add phosphorus to the washing powder, so it is also relatively mild. And now most people use washing machines to wash clothes, so there won't be much difference in the sense of use.

2. In terms of solubility

If it is hand washing clothes, the washing liquid will be better soluble in water, better rinsing, and more convenient. But the washing powder is solid, so it can't be completely soluble in water. It needs to be rinsed many times to be clean. If it's machine wash, there's no big difference in this, because the cleaning power of washing machine can be rinsed clean.

3. From the perspective of decontamination capacity

Cleaning ability is the most important thing for us to buy detergent. After all, the purpose of washing clothes is to clean them, which also determines which one we will buy. The detergency of washing powder is better than that of washing liquid, because there is friction agent in washing powder, which can increase the friction between clothes, so the stains will be more easily removed. The detergent will be weak, but like summer clothes, if only to remove sweat, it can also meet the decontamination requirements.