What Is The Use Of Calcium Chloride

- Nov 01, 2019-

Calcium chloride is often used in everyday life and in the industrial sector. Calcium chloride has many uses

1. Desiccant: When we buy, we have a small bag of desiccant in clothes, shoes, etc. This is to protect clothes and shoes from moisture. The majority of this desiccant is made of calcium chloride.

2. Snow removal agent: In some areas with heavy rain and snow, such as roads and parking lots in many places in the north, calcium chloride is used to remove snow and ice.

3. Dehydrating agent: Calcium chloride is used as a dehydrating agent to produce alcohols, esters, ethers and acrylic resins.

4. Refining agent: It can be used as a refining agent in aluminum-magnesium metallurgy.

5. Flocculant: a flocculant used as a soy product in the food industry.

6. Fire retardant: Calcium chloride can be used as a fire retardant for textiles

7. Dustproof: Calcium chloride can be used as a dustproof agent for pavement

8. Accelerate the hardening of concrete and increase the cold resistance of building mortar.