What Is The Difference Between Water Glass And Glass?

- Jun 13, 2019-

Water glass is liquid and glass is solid.

water glass

1, the main raw material of glass is SiO2, in addition to other other basic oxides, such as Na2O, K2O, CaO, MgO; some other acidic oxides can also be used to replace some of the silica, such as B2O3, P2O5 and so on.

2. Water glass is a liquid obtained by leaching solid water obtained by using quartz sand and sodium carbonate at a high temperature. The main component is Na2SiO3: SiO2 + Na2CO3 = Na2SiO3 + CO2

3. Water glass is mainly realized by carbonization and dehydration crystallization, which is very similar to lime. The water glass can be hardened by carbon dioxide, and the sand type is good after casting. The water glass limestone sand is widely used in casting steel, and the advantage is that the risk of silicosis can be reduced.

4. Ordinary glass is a transparent solid material. After cooling, it becomes a hardened non-crystalline silicate non-metallic material. Its main component is silica, which is widely used in buildings.