What Is The Difference Between Baby Powder And Ordinary Detergent Powder

- Jul 09, 2018-

Infant washing powder and ordinary detergent powder in surfactant and cosolvent ordinary detergent powder contains easy to stimulate the skin, therefore not suitable for baby clothing cleaning. And baby clothes washing is usually the trial of special laundry detergent or detergent, this kind of washing powder mainly plant cleaning ingredients, greatly reducing the irritation of the skin. There are also mild antibacterial ingredients that kill pathogens on clothing and do not damage skin and clothing fibers. And it's a phosphorus free formula.

Therefore, whether phosphorus free formula is not the key difference between these two kinds of washing powder, because many ordinary washing powder is also non phosphorus.

Of course, there is no infant detergent, soap or laundry detergent, soap is all right, compared with detergent, these are relatively mild.

Even adults, ordinary washing powder is generally suitable for clothes, such as clothes, underwear and the other clothes do not use ordinary washing powder, not to say that it is infant.

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