What Is EPC Mode

- Dec 06, 2019-

At present, China's national economic construction has made remarkable achievements, and the project construction is also developing. However, in the construction process, due to the complexity of the project itself, we should pay close attention to the quality, schedule and cost. Cost management is directly related to the economic benefits of enterprises, so relevant staff should attach great importance to cost control. At present, the general contracting mode is becoming popular. If the enterprise wants to realize cost management, it should make scientific strategic plan and take effective measures to implement cost control.

EPC mode

When adopting the general contracting mode, the enterprise shall abide by the provisions of the owner, earnestly perform the contents of the project contract, contract out a series of works such as engineering construction, engineering design, engineering acceptance and engineering procurement, or adopt the mode of partial contracting to strengthen the management of each project, so that the project can be completed within the specified time limit. For cost control, under the general contracting mode, cost control is more effective, which is conducive to the smooth progress of the project, and can greatly improve the economic benefits of enterprises. In the traditional contract mode, the design first, then the bidding, then the construction method is generally used. However, there is often a lack of communication between the designer and the construction party, which leads to the project can not proceed smoothly. Relatively speaking, the general contracting mode is adopted, because its organizational relationship is not complex, so the work of design, bidding and construction can be carried out smoothly, and the interaction between construction and design can implement the work of cost control and quality management, so as to create better benefits for the enterprise. It can be seen that the general contracting mode is a better project contracting mode, which is worth promoting.