What Are The Types Of Dailyization

- Aug 28, 2019-

Industry classification

According to the traditional industry classification, the daily chemical industry habits are divided into the following six categories:

(1) Cosmetics (including cosmetics, cleansing cosmetics, skin care products, hair cosmetics);

(2) Washing products (including soaps, washing powder, detergent);

(3) Dental products (including toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.);

(4) a fragrance, a deodorant;

(5) Deworming and killing products;

(6) Other daily chemical products (such as shoe polish, floor wax, etc.).

Among them, the cosmetics industry is the largest.

Cosmetic classification

There is no uniform classification method for cosmetics in the world, the standards are different, can be classified according to the function of cosmetics, can also be classified according to the use parts of cosmetics, and can also be classified according to the state (dosage type), the most common one is according to the function classification.

(1) Cleaning and hygiene cosmetics: such as facial cleanser, facial cleanser, cleansing water, cleansing lotion, cleansing cream, facial mask, shampoo, grind cream, hand soap, shampoo, toilet water, talcum powder, air freshener, Go to drowning, foot powder, cologne, cleansing gel and so on.

Skin care cosmetics (including nutrition and drugs): such as cream, cold cream, nutrient cream, milk, honey, balsam, anti-cracking oil, essence, whitening lotion, sunscreen, sunscreen, petrolatum, sunscreen, tight Skin water, astringent water, moisturizing lotion, etc.

(2) Hair care cosmetics: such as hair conditioner, head oil, hair cream, hair wax, sunscreen shampoo, medicated hair lotion, conditioning shampoo, aftershave, etc.

(3) Beauty cosmetics: such as rouge, lipstick (discoloration and non-fading lipstick), eye shadow powder, eyeshadow, powder cake, nail polish, perfume, hair removal cream, etc.

(4) Hair cosmetics: such as mousse, styling water, styling gel water, hair dye shampoo, hair straightener, hair cream, hair mousse, hair lotion, etc.

(5) Therapeutic cosmetics: such as acne water, acne dew, freckle cream, etc.