What Are The Advantages Of The General Construction Contract Mode?

- Feb 17, 2020-

1. Cost control

(1) When selecting the general construction contractor through bidding, the construction drawing design is generally used as the basis for the bidding quotation, and the bidder's bidding quotation is more based;

(2) There is a clearer contract price before the start of construction, which is beneficial to the owner's early control of the total cost;

(3) If design changes occur during the construction process, claims may occur.

2. Progress Control

Generally, the bidding of the general construction contractor can be carried out only after the design of the construction drawings is completed. The construction start date is late, the construction period is bound to be long, and it is not good for schedule control. This is the biggest shortcoming of the general construction contract mode, which limits its application in construction projects with tight construction cycles.

3. QC

The quality of the construction project depends to a large extent on the choice of the construction general contractor, and on the management level and technical level of the construction general contractor. The owner relies heavily on the construction general contractor.

4. Contract management

The owner only needs to bid once and sign a contract with a general construction contractor. The workload of bidding and contract management is greatly reduced, which is beneficial to the owner.

5. Organization and coordination

The owner is only responsible for the management and organization and coordination of the construction general contractor, and the workload is greatly reduced, which is more beneficial to the owner.