Washing Supplies Knowledge Expert Lecture Hall: The Main Ingredients Of Soap And The Correct Usage

- Feb 11, 2019-

As a fabric detergent soap, it is mainly composed of sodium salt of fatty acid, that is, sodium salt of fatty acid obtained by reacting coconut oil, palm oil and beef and sheep oil with caustic soda, commonly known as sodium soap, and oil and potassium hydroxide or three A reaction such as ethanolamine can produce potassium soap or amine soap. There is also a soap on the market that is partially or completely made of a surfactant, called a complex soap. Here we mainly introduce the most used sodium soap used by consumers, which is called laundry soap in the market.

The laundry soap is made of natural raw plant or animal oil plus alkali. When the laundry soap is discharged after use, it can be quickly decomposed by microorganisms.

At present, the commercially available laundry soap adopts the light industry standard: QB/T 2486-2008. The standard specifies that the sodium soap content is ≥54% for type I. Usually, the transparent laundry soap we see is mostly type I, sodium. Type II is ≥43% to <54%. Usually, the long laundry soaps we see in the market are generally type II, while some of the beautifully packaged laundry soaps are type I, and some laundry soaps are made by adding a builder to the formula to make the sodium soap content < 54% can only be called type II. Type I laundry soaps perform better in washing performance than Type II laundry soaps because of the higher sodium soap content.

At present, China's laundry soap production is 725,000 tons, of which type I transparent laundry soap is 580,000 tons, type II laundry soap is 145,000 tons, and in 2015 China's laundry soap imports were 10,600 tons, up 11.85% year-on-year. It is believed that with the continuous strengthening of consumer safety and environmental awareness, China's soap industry will usher in greater development.

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