Washing Powder Use Caution Points(二)

- Dec 25, 2017-

Washing powder, can only be used to wash clothes

In life, there are indeed many people using detergent as a "universal detergent", in addition to washing clothes, but also used to wash fruits, vegetables, cutlery, scrub furniture, flooring, that it has decontamination, disinfection, sterilization effect. As everyone knows, this may lead to laundry detergent into the body. Experts advise, even if the amount of detergent into the body is very small, can cause poisoning.

Washing powder, do not mix with disinfectant

After the SARS period, many housewives like to use disinfectant when washing clothes with detergent. However, this laundry method just can make cleaning and disinfection are greatly reduced the effectiveness.

Washing powder composition is not the same, there are anionic, cationic or non-ionic, disinfectant as well. If the detergent and disinfectant used in combination, it is easy to generate a neutral reaction, their effectiveness will be weakened.

Washing powder, the function of the simpler the better

Now many detergent on the market have added some new ingredients, with more and more powerful washing function. These ingredients mainly include surfactants, builders, stabilizers, whitening agents, flavors and enzymes to achieve the purpose of easy dissolving, cleaning, softening, foaming and preventing static electricity of clothes. However, adding more detergent in the laundry, for our health is not a good thing.

Studies have shown that the commonly used builders on the human liver damage; and surfactant was found to be very early to destroy the stratum corneum, resulting in rough skin, and now has been regarded as polluting the environment a major public hazard; strong washing powder In addition to absorbing alkaline water, it can also damage human cell membranes and denature the tissue proteins. Too many synthetic fragrances in perfumery detergents can cause allergic reactions to some people. Whitening detergent powders contain Organic chlorine, fluorescent agent is a toxic substance, easy to accumulate in the body, causing damage to health.

Therefore, the purchase of detergent to try to choose a simple function, add less ingredients, light odor. From an environmental point of view, it is best to choose a non-phosphorus detergent for water pollution.

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