Washing Powder Use Caution Points(一)

- Dec 25, 2017-

Has been dissolved in the water detergent, can be absorbed through the skin into the body, long-term accumulation of liver damage easily lead to cancer.

Washing powder is sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate, sodium sulfate, sodium tolyl iodide, sodium tripolyphosphate and carboxymethyl fiber synthesis of alkaline chemical detergent. Often contact with detergent (water), easy to make the skin keratosis, chapped; wash your hair with detergent will make the hair yellow, brittle; into the human hematopoietic system will affect the liver function.

Enzymes detergent added alkaline protease to hydrolyze the protein on clothing, play a role in decontamination scale. This alkaline protease can also break down the skin surface proteins, leaving people suffering from atopic dermatitis, eczema and so on.

Do not wash your baby's diapers,  underwear, and adult underwear with detergent (but use soap or natural soap); it is also not appropriate to wash cooking utensils or tableware Use washing powder Long-term exposure to detergent personnel should have the necessary protection, try not to touch the detergent.

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