Washing Powder Strong Detergency

- May 26, 2017-

Washing powder is a basic synthetic detergent, strong detergency, ablation performance, easy to use, in the anti-hard water, rich foam and so on are superior, are cost-effective detergent.

The sodium tripolyphosphate contained in the detergent powder has the effect of complexing calcium, magnesium ions and softening hard water

Washing powder is a basic synthetic detergent, detergent powder is the main component of anionic surfactants: sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate, a small amount of non-ionic surfactants, plus some additives, phosphate, silicate, Yuan Ming powder, fluorescent agents, enzymes, etc., Detergent Powder by mixing, dusting and other processes made, and now most of the use of PTFE instead of phosphate instead of phosphate.

Washing powder in English is Washing powder, synthetic detergent is a surfactant as the main ingredient, and with the right amount of different builders. Detergent powder is a synthetic detergent of powdered (granular).

Since the 1940s, with the development of the chemical industry, people use the oil extracted from the chemical substance - four polypropylene sodium benzenesulfonate, to produce a better than the soap detergent performance. Later, people with softened hard water, improve the detergent decontamination effect of the phosphate into the detergent, so that the performance of the detergent even more perfect. People in order to use, carry, store, transport and other convenience, put the detergent made into detergent.

As the washing powder in the well water, Detergent Powder river water, tap water, spring water, and even water and other water quality have shown a good decontamination effect, and widely used in various types of fabrics, so its production and use of the rapid development of the. Now, the detergent is almost every household must wash the supplies.

There are five major categories of detergent ingredients: Detergent Powder active ingredients, wash ingredients, buffer ingredients, synergist, dispersant LBD-1, auxiliary ingredients.

The main ingredients are: fabric fiber scale inhibitor, anionic surfactants, nonionic surfactants, water softeners, soil suspending agents, Detergent Powder enzymes, fluorescent agents and spices; poor detergent often contains phosphorus, aluminum, alkali and so on Harmful ingredients. The role of surfactants in detergent is to make the detergent powder soluble, emulsified, soaked, clean, sterilization, softening, blistering, to prevent clothing and other functions. Synthetic surfactants have long been found to have side effects such as hand, and are now seen as a major pollution to the environment. In addition, phosphorus, aluminum alkali, especially phosphorus in some developed countries have been banned in the use of detergent, but many Chinese chemical plants are still producing such products, especially some foreign-funded enterprises, in their own local products can not have These harmful substances, and in China, then drilling the law is not perfect, people are not strong sense of environmental protection loopholes, boldly add these harmful substances.