Washing Powder Makes Stains Out Of Clothing

- Sep 14, 2017-

Washing clothes is the life of the insipid things, washing detergent products, washing powder has always accounted for the main position. There are many kinds of washing powder, each has its own characteristics, but in general the main ingredients of detergent is similar. The following is a brief description of the main ingredients of washing powder, what kind.

There are five kinds of detergent ingredients: active ingredient, washing ingredient, buffer component, synergism ingredient and auxiliary ingredient. The main components are: Fabric fiber anti-scaling agent, anionic surfactant, nonionic surfactant, water softener, dirt suspending agent, enzyme, fluorescent agent and spices, etc., the poor washing powder often contains phosphorus, aluminum, Detergent Powder alkali and other harmful components. Surfactants in washing powder in the role of washing powder is soluble, emulsifying, soaked, clean, sterilization, softening, foaming, to prevent the function of electrostatic clothing.

1. Active ingredient

The active ingredient is the main ingredient in detergent. Washing active ingredient is a kind of substance called surfactant, it is to reduce the adhesion between stains and clothing, in the washing water and hand rubbing or washing machine agitation and other mechanical forces, Detergent Powder so that stains out of clothing, so as to achieve the purpose of washing clothes.


1 To achieve good decontamination effect, the detergent should contain enough active ingredients. In order to ensure the washing effect of washing powder, the national competent department has stipulated the minimum content of active ingredient in washing powder. According to the type of active agent used and the category of products, Detergent Powder the amount of active ingredient in detergent is generally not less than 13%;

2 because many surfactants have a strong foaming ability, Detergent Powder consumers can be based on experience, from washing powder dissolved in water after foaming situation to determine the quality of washing powder;

3) But some special in the drum washing machine detergent, its foaming capacity than ordinary washing powder to be much worse. This is because the drum washing machine mainly relies on the clothing in the drum roll of the mechanical force, Detergent Powder o achieve the purpose of cleaning clothes

2, help wash ingredients. Detergent lotion is the largest component of the dosage, generally accounted for 15%-40% of the total composition. The main function of the lotion is to soften the water by binding the hardness ions contained in the water so as to protect the surfactant to maximize its effectiveness. The so-called phosphorus, phosphorus-free detergent, Detergent Powder actually refers to the use of AIDS is phosphorus or non-phosphorus system material.

Types of detergent

1. General Purpose Detergent:

This is the most common washing powder, the market stores, supermarkets sell the washing powder mostly belong to this kind of detergent. Detergent Powder Suitable for washing cotton, hemp, and chemical fiber clothing. belongs to alkaline detergent, the ph value of 1% concentration should be between 10.5-11.

2, Whitening detergent:

This kind of detergent contains a certain proportion of fluorescent whitening agents, some also contain some peroxide type of oxidant to facilitate the washing of pigment dirt, in the washing process there is also a function of increasing whiteness. Whitening washing powder is suitable for washing white or light-colored clothing, but also can be washed light-colored with printing, cloth, Huage light clothing. Detergent Powder But you can't wash dark clothes. Whitening detergent is suitable for washing with warm water.

3, add enzyme detergent:

Add enzyme detergent with alkaline protease, suitable for washing containing more protein dirt clothing, especially suitable for washing paste wearing clothing such as underwear, underwear, quilt cover, quilt, sheet, pillow and so on. But the alkaline protease is suitable for working at 40-50? C in the warm water conditions, in the cold in the effect of a bit worse.

4, Phosphorus-free laundry:

Most detergent lotion is a phosphate-like alkaline substance. Eutrophication pollution can be caused by the wastewater containing phosphates into the river and lake systems. Therefore, phosphorus-free detergent is the future development direction of washing powder, there are many domestic bans on the use of phosphate detergent.

5, Strong washing powder:

Powerful laundry detergent is generally not sold in retail stores, and is sold directly to laundries or laundries by professional suppliers. They may have different names, but the main object of their washing is heavy oily clothing such as napkins, tablecloth, chef's overalls and so on. This kind of washing powder belongs to the strong alkali type, its 1 per thousand concentration ph value is much higher than the general detergent. Detergent Powder It is not suitable for direct hand washing, but also can not be used in dark or containing silk, wool clothing.

6, add Bleach detergent:

This is a kind of detergent containing chlorine bleach, is a new powder in the last ten or twenty years. This kind of detergent is mainly for washing white or light-colored clothing design, it can be summer clothing above the pigment dirt more effective removal. The bleaching detergent sold on the market belongs to this kind of product. Detergent Powder It is not suitable for washing dark clothing. Generally do not use hot water, more can not put washing powder directly on the clothing with water to brew. Nor can it be used to wash silk or wool textiles.

7, Neutral detergent:

This is a very valuable detergent, the ph value of its 1% concentration is generally not more than 8. Suitable for washing silk, wool type of textiles, the skin irritation of people is also very small, but the price is higher. There are relatively few powder products in the market, Detergent Powder more liquid neutral detergent. Bosom friend developed its own unique neutral detergent, except washing can also be used to color-type dirt stripping, removal of overlap and color.

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