Washing Powder Is Very Convenient To Use

- Aug 01, 2017-

The main ingredient of washing powder is alkyl benzene sulfonic acid sodium, have very good decontamination function, use is very convenient, so deeply people love.

Classification of washing powder:

According to the phosphorus content of detergent can be divided into phosphorus-free and phosphorus-containing detergent, according to its washing efficiency can be divided into ordinary and concentrated washing powder. Ordinary washing powder (type a) particles large and loose, good solubility, Detergent Powder foam is more abundant, but decontamination is relatively weak, not easy to rinse, generally suitable for hand washing. Concentrated washing powder (b-type) particles small, dense, foam less, Detergent Powder but decontamination force is at least twice times the ordinary detergent, easy to clean, save water, generally suitable for machine washing. Some consumers mistakenly think that the more the washing powder bubble, the better, in fact, the amount of foam and decontamination power is not directly linked.

Laundry detergent is a necessary product of people's daily life, Detergent Powder and its function is to help people to spend less energy, wash the stains on the clothes. It is understood that the main ingredient of detergent is benzene sulfonic acid sodium, it has a good decontamination effect. Washing powder is very convenient to use, so it is popular with people. In order to decontamination effect better, Detergent Powder now on the market a lot of detergent added some new ingredients, so that it has more powerful washing function. These main ingredients include: surfactant, detergent, stabilizer, dispersant, whitening agent, Essence and enzyme. With the addition of these things, washing powder is more popular with the people. The new variety of washing powder not only wash the clothes clean, and the price is cheap, suddenly it spread to thousands of households, everyone is used.

Detergent is a kind of synthetic detergent, is an essential household goods. At present, Detergent Powder the detergent in the market mainly has the following three kinds of classification, each has the characteristic:

1. Ordinary detergent and concentrated washing powder

Ordinary detergent, particles large and loose, dissolve fast, foam is more abundant, but the decontamination power is relatively weak, not easy to rinse, generally suitable for hand washing; concentrated detergent particles small, dense, less foam, but decontamination strong (at least twice times the ordinary washing powder), easy to clean, water-saving, generally suitable for machine washing.

2. Add enzyme detergent and flavoring detergent

Add enzyme detergent powder is added to the detergent, Detergent Powder add fragrant detergent is detergent is added flavor. Add enzyme detergent to specific dirt (such as juice, ink, blood, milk stains, gravy, milk, soy sauce stains, etc.) of the removal has a special function, Detergent Powder at the same time some specific enzymes can also play sterilization, whitening, color protection and other functions. Add fragrant washing powder to meet the washing effect of the same time let the clothing exudes fragrance, make people feel more comfortable.

3. Phosphorus-containing detergent and phosphorus-free detergent

Phosphorus-containing detergent is the main additive of phosphate, Detergent Powder and the phosphorus element is easy to cause the eutrophication of the environment water body, which destroys the water quality and pollutes the environment. No phosphorus washing powder is not this shortcoming, is advantageous to water environment protection. For the health of our living environment, we recommend the use of phosphorus-free detergent.

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