Washing Powder Is A Necessity For People To Wash Clothes In Life

- Nov 01, 2017-

Washing clothes is life and then plain things, for laundry washing products, washing powder has been a major position. There are many kinds of detergent, each with its own characteristics, but in general the main ingredients of washing powder are similar.

The main component of the detergent is sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate, has a good decontamination effect, the use of very convenient, better detergent its main components are: fabric fiber scale inhibitor, anionic surfactants, non-ionic surface Active agents, water softeners, soil suspending agents, enzymes, Detergent Powder fluorescent agents and spices; poor detergent often contains phosphorus, aluminum, alkali and other harmful ingredients. The role of surfactants in detergent is to make the detergent powder soluble, emulsified, soaked, clean, sterilization, softening, blistering, to prevent clothing and other functions.

Detergent powder is composed of a variety of chemical composition, the main role is the surfactant, such as sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate, sodium alkyl sulfonate, fatty alcohol sodium sulfate, fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether, ethylene oxide And copolymers of propylene oxide. Detergent Powder A variety of chemical substances to promote each other, make up each other, so that the effect of washing and decontamination is more ideal. These surfactants can also be used directly as detergents, but the detergency is not very satisfactory and costly. Therefore, Detergent Powder the preparation of detergent also add some builders and adjuvants, so that the performance of detergent better, storage, use are more convenient. Washing powder general additives can be divided into inorganic and organic two categories.

Classification of laundry detergent:

According to the amount of phosphorus powder can be divided into phosphorus and phosphorus-free detergent, according to its washing performance can be divided into ordinary and concentrated detergent. Ordinary detergent (A type) particles large and loose, good solubility, the bubble is more abundant, Detergent Powder but the detergency is relatively weak, easy to rinse, generally suitable for hand washing. Concentrated detergent (B type) small particles, large density, less foam, but the detergency is at least twice the ordinary washing powder, easy to clean, save water, generally suitable for machine wash. Some consumers mistakenly think that the more the better the detergent bubble, the actual number of bubbles and the amount of dirt is not directly linked.

Washing powder is a necessity for people to wash clothes in life. Its role is to help people spend less energy and wash their clothes on stains. Detergent Powder It is understood that the main component of detergent is sodium benzenesulfonate, it has a good decontamination effect. Washing powder is very convenient to use, so loved by the people. In order to better effect decontamination, and now on the market a lot of detergent added some new ingredients, Detergent Powder so that it has more and more washing function. These main ingredients include: surfactants, builders, stabilizers, dispersants, brighteners, flavors and enzymes. With these things to join, washing powder is even more people of all ages.