Washing Powder Has A Stronger Washing Function

- Aug 23, 2017-

Washing powder is a necessity for people to wash clothes in life, and its role is to help people spend less effort to wash the stains on their clothes. It is understood that the main component of detergent is sodium benzenesulfonate, it has a good decontamination effect. Washing powder is very convenient to use, so loved by the people. In order to better effect decontamination, Detergent Powder and now on the market a lot of detergent added some new ingredients, it has more and more washing function. These main components include: surfactants, builders, stabilizers, dispersants, brighteners, flavors and enzymes. With such things to join, Detergent Powder washing powder even more people of all ages. New varieties of washing powder not only to wash clothes clean, and cheap, all of a sudden it spread to thousands of households, everyone is used.

Washing powder is used to remove dirt, but because of its PH value was alkaline, generally 10.0-10.5, strong irritation, thus limiting its scope of application, Detergent Powder can not be used for skin protein fiber washing.

The main ingredient of detergent is sodium benzenesulfonate, has a good decontamination effect, the use of very convenient, so loved by people.Now a lot of washing powder on the market have added some new ingredients, Detergent Powder with more Strong washing function. These main ingredients include surfactants, builders, stabilizers, dispersants, brighteners, flavors and enzymes.

According to the phosphorus content of detergent can be divided into non-phosphorus and phosphorus-containing detergent, according to its washing performance can be divided into ordinary and concentrated detergent powder. Ordinary washing powder (A type) particles large and loose, good solubility, Rich, Detergent Powder but the detergency is relatively weak, easy to rinse, generally suitable for hand washing. Concentrated detergent (B type) small particles, large density, less foam, Detergent Powder but the detergency is at least twice the ordinary washing powder, easy to clean , Save water.

  There are five major categories of detergent ingredients: active ingredients, wash ingredients, buffer ingredients, synergistic ingredients, auxiliary ingredients. The main ingredients are: fabric fiber scale inhibitor, anionic surfactants, nonionic surfactants, water softeners, soil suspending agents, enzymes, fluorescent agents and spices; poor detergent often contains phosphorus, aluminum, alkali and so on Harmful ingredients. The role of surfactants in detergent is to make the detergent powder soluble, emulsified, soaked, clean, sterilization, softening, blistering, Detergent Powder to prevent clothing and other functions. Synthetic surfactants have long been found to have side effects such as hand, and are now seen as a major pollution to the environment.

 1, the active ingredient

The active ingredient is the ingredient that plays a major role in the detergent. The active ingredient is a class of substances known as surfactants that act to reduce the adhesion between stains and clothing and to remove the stain from the laundry under the action of mechanical forces such as washing water and hand rub or washing machine To achieve the purpose of washing clothes.


1) To achieve a good decontamination effect, the detergent should contain enough active ingredients. In order to ensure the washing effect of detergent, the national authorities in the detergent content of the minimum content of the provisions of the provisions. Detergent Powder Depending on the type of active agent used and the type of product, the amount of active ingredient in the detergent is generally not less than 13%

2) because many surfactants have a strong ability to foam, consumers can be based on experience, from the detergent dissolved in the case of water after the bubble to determine the advantages and disadvantages of washing powder;

3) but some dedicated to the drum washing machine detergent, Detergent Powder the foam capacity than ordinary washing powder to be much worse. This is because the drum washing machine mainly rely on the clothing in the roller rolling in the mechanical force, to achieve the purpose of washing clothes. And washing the solution too much foam, will greatly weaken the mechanical rolling caused by the mechanical force, making the wash effect greatly reduced.

 2, wash ingredients. Detergent in the detergent is the largest amount of ingredients, the general will account for the total composition of 15% -40%. The main effect of the builder is to soften the water by binding the water contained in the water, thereby protecting the surfactant from maximizing its effectiveness. The so-called phosphorus, phosphorus-free detergent, actually refers to the use of the builder is phosphorus or non-phosphorus-based substances.