Washing Powder Decontamination Strength

- Sep 25, 2017-

Washing powder in China, especially the northern market is generally recognized, while in foreign countries have already used laundry liquid. Because detergent, is alkaline, ph value of about 12, and then good washing powder will also be slightly hurt. Detergent is synthetic detergent, decontamination ability is good, but easy to hurt hand, so suitable for machine washing clothes.

The main ingredient of washing powder is 12 alkyl benzene sulfonic acid sodium, has the good decontamination function, the use is very convenient, therefore deeply loved by the people. Detergent Powder Now many detergent in the market has added some new ingredient, has the more stronger washing function. These main components include surfactant, detergent, stabilizer, dispersant, Brightener , flavors and enzymes and so on. Detergent Powder It is made by mixing, dusting and so on. Most of them now replace phosphates with 4A fluoride.

Daily life we often use detergent, we will certainly think that washing detergent is nothing but dissolved in water to wash clothes and so on, in fact, this is only a part of the use of detergent, here I would like to tell you how to use detergent properly!

1 According to the description of the use of detergent before use should look at the packaging, understand the type of washing powder, and according to the instructions on the correct use of the bag. Generally speaking, the application of warm water will be dissolved washing powder, Detergent Powder washing powder should not be dissolved in boiling water. Hacheng if dissolved in boiling water will reduce the foam and reduce the decontamination effect.

2 Washing powder do not mix with soap because some of the detergent is acidic, soap is alkaline, acid and alkali phase mix will occur neutralization, Detergent Powder but reduce their decontamination power.

3 Washing powder do not mix with disinfection liquid. Many housewives like to add some disinfectant when washing their clothes with washing powder. But this kind of laundry method is likely to make the washing and disinfection effect is greatly reduced.

4 detergent ingredients are not the same, disinfection liquid is also so. If the detergent and disinfectant mixture, it is easy to chemical reaction, Detergent Powder so that their respective efficacy is weakened.