Washing Powder Decontamination Effect Is Better

- Sep 04, 2017-

Washing powder mainly by the surfactant, polyphosphate, 4A zeolite, water-soluble silicate, enzymes and other builders, dispersants made by the complex processing.

Washing powder is the necessities of people's laundry, its role is to help people spend less energy, wash clothes stains. It is understood that the main component of detergent is sodium benzenesulfonate, it has a good decontamination effect. Washing powder is very convenient to use, so loved by the people. Detergent Powder In order to better effect decontamination, and now on the market a lot of detergent added some new ingredients, so that it has more and more washing function. These main ingredients include: surfactants, builders, stabilizers, dispersants, brighteners, flavors and enzymes. With such things to join, washing powder is even more people of all ages. Detergent Powder New varieties of washing powder not only to wash clothes clean, and cheap, all of a sudden it spread to thousands of households, everyone is used.

Buy detergent to try to choose a simple function, add less ingredients, the smell of light, the small environmental pollution.

Choose to wash the powder have to pay attention to its use, such as do not want to use the detergent, so that the laundry washing clothes, depending on how much clothes, add appropriate amount of detergent and soak the clothes. When washing hands with hands, it is best to use soap without washing powder. Detergent Powder Wash your clothes with detergent to rinse clean. Do not use laundry detergent to wash your hair or contact the skin directly. Wash the powder can cause skin irritation or leave a pigmentation on the skin.

Use detergent to pay attention to what

1. Because many surfactants have a strong ability to foam, consumers can be based on experience, from the detergent dissolved in the case of water after the bubble to determine the advantages and disadvantages of washing powder;

2. To achieve good decontamination effect, detergent should contain enough active ingredients. Detergent Powder In order to ensure the washing effect of washing powder, the national authorities in the detergent content of the minimum content of the provisions of the provisions. Depending on the type of active agent used and the type of product, the amount of active ingredient in the detergent is generally not less than 13%

3. But some of the washing machine dedicated to the drum washing machine, the foam capacity than ordinary washing powder to be much worse. This is because the drum washing machine mainly rely on the clothing in the roll of the rolling force generated by the mechanical force to achieve the purpose of washing clothes; Detergent Powder and washing solution too much foam, will greatly weaken the mechanical rolling caused by the mechanical force, Detergent Powder Making the wash effect greatly reduced.