Washing Powder Brings New Experience In Hand Washing

- Jun 26, 2017-

Detergent powder is a basic synthetic detergent, detergent powder is the main component of anionic surfactants: sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate, a small amount of non-ionic surfactants, plus some additives, phosphate, silicate, Yuan Ming powder, fluorescent agents, enzymes and so on. By mixing, dusting and other processes made. Most of the current use of PTFE fluoride instead of phosphate.

In addition to the use of natural ingredients from the natural renewable palm oil, but also with a variety of natural derived from the biological enzyme preparation and natural citric acid from the detergent ingredients to ensure excellent product decontamination effect and Good product rinse, Detergent Powder with three stains stain removal system: natural new surfactant stain decontamination system, from the natural complex of biological enzyme preparation stains decontamination system and from the natural builders of three stains decomposition System, through the wetting effect of clothing stains, adsorption solubilization, disperse blistering, suspension and so on, Detergent Powder in the water quality is soft or harder areas are good decontamination washing effect, washed fabric after the soft Easy to wear hard, the fabric has a protective effect; for consumers, the biggest convenience is hand-washing when the powder is not hot, easy to rinse, wash feel comfortable, not greasy, non-stick, not tight, Gauntlets, bring a new experience in hand washing.

Is it really better to wash the bubble? In fact, many consumers are so that, think the more the better the detergent bubble, the stronger the detergency. But in fact the amount of foam and the amount of dirt is not directly linked.

We are in the laundry time, to add enough amount of washing powder, if the washing clothes are particularly dirty, you can add some, but not the more powder detergent the better. Practice has proved that the concentration of detergent in the 0.2% to 0.5%, the aqueous solution of the highest surface activity, Detergent Powder the strongest decontamination ability. In other words, in a basin of water by adding 5 to 10 grams of detergent is enough. Washing powder plus excessive addition will not increase the decontamination effect, but also because of the increase in alkaline solution in the clothes fiber damage. In addition, a large number of detergent attached to the clothes, Detergent Powder the bubble and more difficult to drift net, water, time-consuming, resulting in waste does not say that the ingredients in the clothing will cause damage to the skin, causing allergic reactions.

In summary, when the detergent reaches a certain concentration, the surface activity of aqueous solution to reach the maximum value, the detergency will no longer increase with the increase in detergent, but there is a decreasing trend. More washing powder not only did not play the effect of decontamination, but caused a waste. So, the detergent is not the bubble the better, we must use this in the washing powder to remember this point, do not fall into the misunderstanding, control the amount of detergent Oh