Washing Powder Advantages

- Apr 08, 2017-

Comprehensive detergency is always the focus of washing powder technology, but with the synthesis of decontamination and its supporting technology, now no company products can rival the detergency significantly more than in the same price. If you do not consider the brand factor, then all the differences in the product will only be reflected in the same function (decontamination) and different combinations of different prices. Therefore, after entering the mature stage, the buyer's market price only segment and geographical segments, namely, high-grade and low-grade city and rural areas, and in a considerable price under the condition of small differences on the function of the product is not enough to cause market segmentation. There has been a considerable number of enterprises are keen on upgrading, mistakenly think that is all product improvement innovation, and in fact is the pursuit of short-term market opportunities increase too much product line, but detrimental to the economies of scale, at least this is not suitable for the current market characteristics of washing powder.

And washing machines, washing powder is one of the derivatives of household textile products such as clothing, washing powder, the social needs, in addition to population, environment and other factors, the basic depends on the consumption of clothing. The price of washing powder is part of the cost of clothing, the higher the price of a piece of clothing, materials, technology, the more special, the greater the price elasticity of washing powder. Therefore, how to adapt to the development and changes of the clothing market, must also be an important topic for detergent manufacturing industry. In fact, in addition to the differences in prices and materials, clothing, any product differences can be divided into the actual conditions of the laundry detergent market segments. For example, the development of a special underwear for women and children's underwear, it may establish an independent market segments, so as to avoid a long fight in the mature product market war. The specific use of objects (such as underwear, silk, cashmere, etc.), the market is large, the market potential of a particular detergent powder.

At the same time, clothing sales and detergent sales should be able to promote each other. Why in a certain kind of clothing store, can not sell this kind of clothing special detergent? Since the clothing is the main use of washing powder, since people are still buying clothes after the purchase of detergent, then the clothing market itself should become one of the important sales channels detergent.

In addition, when it comes to sales channels, in fact, the hotel supplies market can also choose. Now the vast majority of Gaestgiveriet Hotel to provide customers with a one-time commodity, such as toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shower gel, etc., but the laundry powder is almost invisible. People do not need to wash clothes during the business trip, this is not to mention the words, then the hotel and community laundry Valet valet service can replace the detergent? Facts have proved that this is far from being achieved. In order to save, most people are willing to go to the retail store to buy a bag of washing powder, even if you do not run out of the lost, but also to wash clothes than others much more cost-effective. In addition, some clothing is inconvenient to get shot, can not be non pro. Obviously, this is a big market, and the demand does exist. All you have to do, only the development of washing powder for the hotel, and then enter the hotel supplies market in the hotel, no washing powder always more or less inconvenience to customers, into the washing powder can promote the hotel service, washing powder manufacturers, hotels, consumers will benefit from.

In short, the use of different objects, different occasions, different consumer groups, as well as different periods of time, you can bring to the washing powder endless market segments. A reasonable division of labor in the market is reflected in a number of competitors can be good at reducing competition through the location of the competition to reduce the cost of competition, to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, established for their different competitive advantage.