Washing Powder Achieves Good Decontamination Effect

- Aug 11, 2017-

The main ingredient of washing powder is alkyl benzene sulfonic acid sodium, have very good decontamination function, use is very convenient, Good washing powder Its main components are: Fabric fiber anti-scaling agent, anionic surfactant, nonionic surfactant, water softener, dirt suspending agent, enzyme, fluorescent agent and spices, etc. the poor washing powder often contains phosphorus, aluminum, alkali and other harmful components. Detergent Powder Surfactant in washing powder is to make washing powder has soluble, emulsifying, saturated, clean, sterilization, softening, foaming, prevent clothing electrostatic and other functions.

The main ingredient of detergent is anionic surfactant: sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate, a small amount of nonionic surfactant, plus some additives, phosphates, silicate, sodium sulfate, fluorescent agents, enzymes and so on. By mixing, dusting and other processes made. Detergent Powder Now most of the 4A fluoride is substituted for phosphates.

Good washing powder Its main components are: Fabric fiber anti-scaling agent, anionic surfactant, nonionic surfactant, water softener, dirt suspending agent, enzyme, fluorescent agent and spices, etc., the poor washing powder often contains phosphorus, aluminum, alkali and other harmful components. Surfactants in washing powder in the role of washing powder is soluble, emulsifying, soaked, clean, sterilization, softening, foaming, Detergent Powder to prevent the function of electrostatic clothing. Synthetic surfactants have long been found to have caused the hand to become coarse and other side effects, is now considered a pollution of the environment. In addition, phosphorus, aluminum alkali, especially phosphorus in some developed countries has been banned in the use of detergent, however, many chemical plants in China, but also in the production of this product, Detergent Powder especially some foreign-funded enterprises, and then their own local products can not have these harmful substances, while in China, the law is not sound, people's environmental awareness is not strong loophole, bold to add these harmful substances

There are five kinds of detergent ingredients: active ingredient, washing ingredient, buffer ingredient, synergism ingredient and auxiliary ingredient.

Active ingredient

The active ingredient is the main ingredient in detergent. Washing active ingredient is a kind of substance called surfactant, it is to reduce the adhesion between stains and clothing, in the washing water and hand rubbing or washing machine agitation and other mechanical forces, Detergent Powder so that stains out of clothing, so as to achieve the purpose of washing clothes.


1, to achieve good decontamination effect, washing powder should contain enough active ingredients. In order to ensure the washing effect of washing powder, the national competent department has stipulated the minimum content of active ingredient in washing powder. Detergent Powder According to the type of active agent used and the category of products, the amount of active ingredient in detergent is generally not less than 13%;

2, because many surfactants have a strong foaming ability, consumers can be based on experience, from washing powder dissolved in water after foaming situation to determine the quality of washing powder;

3, but some special use in the drum washing machine detergent, its foaming capacity than ordinary washing powder to be much worse. This is because the drum washing machine mainly relies on the clothes in the drum roll of the mechanical force, to achieve the purpose of cleaning clothes. Detergent Powder and the excessive foam in the washing solution will greatly weaken the mechanical force caused by the tumbling of clothing, making the cleaning effect greatly reduced.

Detergent lotion is the largest component of the dosage, generally accounted for 15%-40% of the total composition. The main function of the lotion is to soften the water by binding the hardness ions contained in the water so as to protect the surfactant to maximize its effectiveness. The so-called phosphorus, phosphorus-free detergent, actually refers to the use of AIDS is phosphorus or non-phosphorus system material.


1. Some provinces and cities have enacted local regulations prohibiting or restricting the sale and use of phosphate detergents.

2, in the non-phosphorus department of AIDS, is recognized by the industry can better replace the phosphate component, is a kind of material called zeolite.

3. In addition, there are all kinds of "cheap" phosphorus-free detergent, such as sodium carbonate (soda ash), sodium silicate (water glass) and their various proportions of the complex. Because these phosphorus-free auxiliaries eventually formed insoluble precipitation, Detergent Powder if they can not be effectively suspended in the water, they will sink in clothing. The long term use of this phosphorus-free detergent will make the clothing hard and yellow. In order to prevent this kind of situation, the design of a good phosphorus-free detergent in the formulation of the use of effective dispersant, so that the formation of insoluble particles will not be deposited on the clothing.

Buffer composition

Common dirt on clothing, usually organic stains, such as perspiration, food, dust and so on. Organic stains are generally acidic, so that the washing solution in the alkaline state is conducive to the removal of such stains, so the detergent is a considerable amount of alkaline substances. Soda and water glass are generally used.

Note: 1, although the alkaline is conducive to the washing of clothing, but the excessive amount of alkaline material will be harmful to clothing and skin, so the state of washing powder alkaline made the corresponding provisions, qualified washing powder should meet these requirements.

2, in addition, as mentioned above, these alkaline substances will be formed with hard water precipitation, Detergent Powder and too much alkaline material will cause washing to form a large number of precipitation, but to make the washing effect worse.

Synergistic Ingredient

In order to make detergent have better and more washing-related effect, Detergent Powder more and more detergent contains special function components, these ingredients can effectively improve and improve detergent washing performance.

According to functional requirements, the synergistic ingredient used in detergent has several types: improve the purification effect, such as enzyme preparation (protease, lipase, amylase, etc.), bleach, bleaching promoter, etc. to improve whiteness, such as anti-deposition agent, dirt dispersant, enzyme preparation (cellulase), fluorescent brightener, anti-dye agent, protect fabric to improve the feel of the fabric, such as softening agent, cellulase, antistatic agent, color protection agent and so on.