Washing Detergent For Fabrics (two)

- Mar 30, 2018-

Why do dirty clothes soak first with wash liquid than not soaked easily?

After soaking with detergent solution, the surfactant can penetrate into the dirt and play its decontamination function better, so that the washing effect is better and quicker. But the clothing immersion time is not longer the better, soak the time generally in 10-20 minutes, the surfactant infiltration achieves the balance.

Does the foam have anything to do with the decontamination effect?

There is no direct relationship between foam and decontamination effect. For machine wash, the existence of foam will reduce the mechanical friction of washing, thus affecting the washing effect, and not easy to rinse, waste water, electricity, resulting in increased sewage pollution environment.

is the foam of detergent more the better?

Foam is not the more the better, especially when the machine wash, foam more rinsing inconvenience.

Why are some washing powder in the water for a long time, as well as the insoluble small particles?

Washing powder dissolved in the water, carefully observed, there is a certain floc insoluble substance, the FLOC has suspended dirt role, conducive to decontamination effect. Some parts of the detergent are insoluble in water, such as the 4A zeolite, which acts as a softening water.

Washing powder wash grease, stains, why sometimes there are traces after washing?

For oil stains, stains cleaning, the use of appropriate methods: some stains should be cleaned in time, can not make its aging, after aging, dirt and fiber firmly combine even become other substances, will increase the difficulty of cleaning. Generally, mineral oil such as oil and other forms of dirt is difficult to wash with ordinary detergent, especially in the stain after aging more difficult to clean.

Which clothes are suitable for washing detergent and which clothes are not suitable for washing? Why?

Detergent is suitable for washing cotton, hemp, chemical fiber and blended fabric, not suitable for washing wool, silk and other fabrics, mainly because of this kind of fabric contains protein, and washing powder is partial alkaline, will make protein denaturation, to wool, silk has certain damage.

Why the same smell of washing powder, some in the washing clothes have fragrance, some do not?

Different detergent formulations require different, the added flavor is also different. Different flavors have different properties in their clothing. The fragrance of good flavor, can be on the clothing to retain the fragrance after washing. Detergent used to leave the fragrance of the essence of poor, after washing clothes on no fragrance.

Why wash clothes, with a wet hand to take washing powder, feel washing powder fever (or burn hands)?

Many of the substances in the washing powder dissolve in the water when they meet the water in the hand, which releases heat, so the hand will feel the washing powder fever, but will not hurt the hand.

Wash clothes with your hands, feel the hands are always dry, in the winter also rip, is not washing powder will hurt hands?

Detergent has decontamination ability, after washing clothes, the grease on the hand is partially washed, so feel some dry, rough or feel a little itch. There may be dryness or cracking in winter. But these minor injuries will soon resume naturally, suggesting that you wash your hands with cream, add grease, or wash your clothes with latex gloves.

Does washing powder apply to all types of water quality?

can be applied to different water quality. The formula design has taken into account the different areas of water hardness problem. But the effect of washing in different water hardness will vary. The hardness of water is low, the surfactant is full and the washing effect is good. It is suggested that the high hardness areas such as northeast and North China should increase the dosage appropriately.

Washing powder can also go greasy, why not to wash the dishes?

detergent formulation design, some harmful to the human body (such as fluorescent brightener, etc.) without control, and tableware detergent implementation of the national mandatory standards, health indicators and safety indicators strictly controlled. Therefore, wash the tableware must use tableware detergent.

Does the water quality affect the decontamination ability of detergent?

There is water hard and soft, hard water is containing more calcium magnesium ions, soft water is containing less calcium magnesium ions. Calcium and magnesium ions and detergent in the role of surfactants, affecting the washing detergent effect. At present, most of the washing powder sold on the market can achieve better washing effect even in hard water.

How safe is the detergent?

Washing powder has been born for decades, after practice has proved to be very safe daily necessities, harmless to human health, but because the product has a certain alkaline, in the washing of the skin has a certain degreasing effect, long-term use, especially in winter, preferably wear plastic gloves or wash after the hand cream to protect the skin

Can children's clothing be washed with detergent?

No. Infant's skin is delicate, and the dust dirt of the clothing is less, the protein kind of dirt is more, not suitable for alkali relatively strong washing detergent, the best use of neutral laundry liquid or soap wash, rinse easy, use is also safe.