Washing Detergent For Fabrics (three)

- Apr 01, 2018-

Can detergent be mixed with disinfectant?

Can not be mixed. Many housewives wash their clothes with washing powder, they like to add disinfectant, that can be washed clean clothes can achieve disinfection purposes, but this laundry method is just likely to make cleaning and disinfection of the effect is greatly reduced. The main ingredient of washing powder is anion and nonionic surfactant, the main ingredient in disinfectant is very easy to react with washing powder, each effect will weaken. Most disinfectant is used to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms, unless under special conditions, such as people in the family suffering from red eye disease, diarrhea, ringworm or women's menstrual, puerperium and infancy, there is no need to use disinfectant to wash clothes. Because the body itself has a certain resistance, a small number of non pathogenic microorganisms will not pose a threat to health, after washing the clothes drying in sufficient sunlight, residue in the clothing on the microbe to achieve a certain time will perish, and frequent use of disinfectant, not only reduces the body's own resistance, but also easy to cause liver damage.

Does the detergent have a shelf life?

Yes. Ordinary washing powder in the prescribed storage conditions, generally can be kept for two years or more than two years, but some added a special ingredient of washing powder, such as enzymes, bleach and flavor, the use of the life of less than two years. In order to avoid washing powder failure, storage detergent, should pay attention to moisture-proof, sunscreen, should be placed in a cool dry place, especially the addition of enzymes or detergent powder, temperature is too high, the essence of volatile, enzymes will be faster loss of activity. Preferably placed in a container with a lid, you can prevent the washing powder moisture caking, loss of aroma. For the addition of enzymes or bleaching detergent, expired shelf life, the formula will not change the active ingredient, the washing effect will not be significantly reduced, so you can continue to use.

How to identify counterfeit detergent?

From the packaging to see: High quality detergent packaging bag printing clear, no wrong version and ink pollution, counterfeit powder general printing rough, often wrong version and ink pollution.

From the appearance of washing powder: the quality of ordinary washing powder should be similar to the size of a small grain of rice hollow particles, bag full of fluffy, hand-touch bag, there is a slippery pine, pure color, uniform particle distribution. Counterfeit detergent powder is packed with coarse particles or induration block, color gray yellow, big bag gap.

From the use of the situation: high quality ordinary washing powder into the water dissolved quickly, no burning touch solution, solution smooth, a small amount of precipitation, foaming quantity, decontamination force is obvious, odor not pungent. and counterfeit detergent in the water dissolved slowly, turbid water solution, a large amount of sediment, hand-touched solution has a burning feeling, less foam, decontamination ability, increase the amount of decontamination is still poor, smell has a pungent alkaline flavor.

What is concentrated detergent?

Product packaging marked the implementation of the standard GB/T Hl-b (containing phosphorus concentrate powder) and GB/T Wl-b (phosphorus-free concentration powder) type identification. Generally powder-like or solid granular, small size, large heap density, is the use of granulation or dry mix production. Because heap density is 1 time times of ordinary washing powder, the volume of washing is measured by only one-fourth of ordinary detergent. The active substance is mainly nonionic surfactant, is a low foam type, suitable for washing washing and hand washing, more suitable for machine wash.

What are the main differences between concentrated detergent and ordinary detergent?

In the washing powder national standard will be divided into a-type (ordinary washing powder) and B-type (concentrated detergent), in testing the washing capacity, the amount of concentrated detergent is more than half of the ordinary washing powder test, in the actual use of concentrated detergent consumption by weight of ordinary washing powder can be halved, such as the volume of only 1/4 of ordinary powder. In addition, usually the same volume of concentrated washing powder weight than ordinary washing powder heavier. Concentrated washing powder Its formula design, raw material selection and manufacturing methods are different from ordinary washing powder, ordinary washing powder is usually high tower powder, it is hollow particles, performance density is small, and concentrated washing powder for the forming or granulation molding, it is solid particles, performance than significant. In addition, concentrated detergent is generally added nonionic surfactant as the main active agent, belongs to the low foam type detergent, easy to rinse, especially suitable for washing machine washing. And ordinary washing powder usually add such as anionic surfactant as the main active agent, belong to high foam detergent, not easy to rinse, suitable for hand washing.

is the volume-compressed detergent all concentrated detergent?

Not。 The key is to halve the concentration of washing, whether it can reach the standard of ordinary powder decontamination force. There are some seemingly concentrated powder on the market detergent, its decontamination force and ordinary washing powder, just volume compression. The key to see the relevant detergent implementation standards in the product type identification, GB/t Hl-b (containing phosphorus concentrate powder) and GB/T Wl-b (phosphorus-free enrichment powder) for the implementation of national concentration detergent standard.

is concentrated detergent a energy-saving product?

Yes, concentrated detergent is energy-saving products. This is because: the first is the manufacturing process than ordinary powder high tower powder to save fuel, steam, electricity and labor; the second is concentrated powder performance density, small size, can save the storage land and transport costs; the third is concentrated washing powder in the use of the season to save water, electricity, reducing the amount of waste water and the degree of environmental pollution. Therefore, the enrichment of the benefit of the economy is the development direction of washing powder, advised consumers to actively use.

What are the characteristics of a piece of laundry detergent compared to traditional detergent?

(1) Easy to use: washing clothes do not need to take the detergent, easy to measure, to avoid the dust produced during laundry, so that the laundry process simpler, more economical and safer.

(2) Product Enrichment: Flake clothing with detergent density for 1000~1300g/l, small size, easy to carry, storage and transportation, save packaging materials and shelf space, conducive to environmental protection.

(3) Including more functional auxiliaries: The powder state can not be directly compatible with the functional components of a piece of laundry detergent in different layers (or phase) made of double-layer or multilayer structure, can obtain good storage stability. In the process of washing, the functional components are released and the best washing effect is achieved.