Washing Clothes When The Water Temperature As High As Possible OK?

- Mar 22, 2017-

Wash water temperature is not as hot as possible. Various enzyme-containing detergent, alkaline lipase and enzymes are mainly alkaline protease.

Alkaline protease used in decomposition of protein contaminants, such as perspiration, stains, etc. Alkaline lipase is a major role in the dirt such as fatty acids and their esters, commonly known as oil within the meaning of class. The activity of two enzymes in high and low temperature, approximately 40 ° c for the best fit. Temperature is too high or too low will decrease the activity of the enzyme.

Second, proteins denaturation. Its prominent feature is the protein coagulation, solubility decreases egg cooked frozen, for example. Cause degeneration is one of the conditions of high temperature. Protein dirt from the clothes the same will be the case. Therefore, if the laundry when the water temperature is too high, would make their modified solidified on top of the fabric, making it difficult to wash.