Wash Lotion Plays A Role In Cleaning And Decontamination

- Aug 11, 2017-

The main function of hand sanitizer is to play a role of cleaning, some specific ingredients can be sterilized, such as E. coli and other

Characteristics and efficacy of hand sanitizer

Dual-efficiency surfactant with strong cleansing ability to remove a variety of stubborn stains on clothing.

Contains natural soap base softener, wash hands, Hand Wash Detergent Powder supple two-effect unity.

Through the skin test, to ensure that clean clothes are not susceptible to skin sensitivity.

Contains an anti-corrosion component that helps prevent metal buttons, zippers, buckles, Hand Wash Detergent Powder and corrosion of the inner wall of the washing machine.

Pay attention to the selection of hand sanitizer

1. To the regular shopping malls to buy, regular shopping malls are relatively stable purchase channels, there is a more stringent system of incoming checks.

2. Observe whether the packing is intact, the printing of the bottle is clear and the pump head is strong. General hand sanitizer is through the squeeze pump head out of the liquid, Hand Wash Detergent Powder if the quality of the packaging is poor in the use of the process will not be out of liquid or leakage, causing inconvenience and waste.

3. See whether the sign is complete, Hand Wash Detergent Powder if there is no factory name, site, etc., especially to pay attention to whether there is a standard number. Although there is no uniform national standard, but the country does not allow the production of non-standard, so the production enterprises to formulate enterprise standards, and packaging on the enterprise standard number to ensure product quality.

Hand Sanitizer Classification

One kind is the common hand-washing liquid, Hand Wash Detergent Powder a kind of disinfection product, another special category belongs to the heavy greasy hand sanitizer. The former plays the role of cleaning decontamination, the latter contain antibacterial, antibacterial or bactericidal active ingredients, heavy oil hand sanitizer is industrial oil (such as oil, petrol, butter, diesel, etc.) and stubborn stains cleaning.