Usefulness of the foam base

- Mar 22, 2017-

Foam glass is very versatile, almost throughout all sectors of the national economy. In chemical system was used to manufacturing silicone, and white carbon black, and zeolite molecular screen, and partial silicate sodium, and Silicon Sol, and layer silicon and the instant powder bubble spent alkali, and silicate potassium sodium, various Portland class products, is silicon compounds of basic raw materials; in light in the is detergent, and SOAP, detergent in the not missing of raw materials, is water softening agent, and help sank agent; in textile industrial in the for help dye, and bleaching and pulp yarn; in mechanical industry in the widely for casting, and wheel manufacturing and metal preservatives,; in building industry in the for manufacturing fast dry cement, and Waterproof oil acid-resistant cement, refractories, soil curing agent; of Silicon fertilizer in agriculture can produce another bubble sodium silicate as a binder, is widely used in cardboard (corrugated) carton adhesive.

 Detergent containing phosphorus pollution of water resources, is being completely replace, replace detergent containing phosphorus required to meet the Builder of three functions: softened water, the necessary basic and good ability to resist settlement. The latest generation of non-phosphate detergent only crystalline layered sodium disilicate to meet these three requirements, and exchanging calcium and magnesium, soluble in water, and bleach have a good compatibility and features such as easy to concentrate, is currently the best prospects for phosphorus-free detergent, but currently there is no domestic production. Domestic demand is now relying on imported, the import price of 10,000 yuan/ton. It is estimated that non-phosphorus detergent domestic annual demand will reach 50~80 tons per year. There are four different crystalline layered sodium disilicate crystal structure (a-,b-,g-,d-), with no water d-d-Na2Si2O5 for the best.