Types And Functions Of Personal Cleansers

- Nov 09, 2019-

A personal cleanser is a liquid, paste or solid form of cleansing product for human body cleansing. Formulated with surfactants and conditioners to cleanse and condition human hair and skin. There are several types:

1. Soap: The main component of soap is fatty acid salt, which has strong decontamination and cleaning ability, and the feeling of use is very refreshing. Fatty acid salts are usually prepared by hydrolysis, refining and neutralization of animal and vegetable oils such as beef and sheep oil, coconut oil, palm oil and palm kernel oil.

2, shower gel: mainly used to clean the body, easy to use, according to the consumer's requirements for skin feel, generally designed as soap-based shower gel, it has strong decontamination ability, easy to clean, refreshing skin; synthetic surface activity system Shower gel, good foaming, fine foam, moisturizing and not drying after washing; amino acid system shower gel, fine foam, little skin irritation.

3, shampoo: used to clean the scalp and hair dirt, a certain conditioning effect on the hair and scalp, mild and not irritating.

4. Hand Sanitizer: It is a skin care cleaning liquid based on hand cleaning. It has a wash-off type and a no-wash type. The wash-off type product has similar effect to shower gel. The disposable product generally has the effect of disinfection and sterilization.

5. Cleansing Milk: Cleans the facial skin and designs different types of facial cleansers according to different skin types (oily, mixed, dry skin). In addition to adding surfactants, it also adds moisturizer to the skin. The stimulation is smaller.

6, makeup remover: mainly used to clean facial makeup, it has strong ability to dissolve the residual oil, wax, powder and other substances on the face, and can quickly achieve the makeup remover effect.