These Few Details Can Effectively Improve Washing Efficiency

- Aug 22, 2020-

First, when the automatic washing machine has started the task of washing, do not continue to add washing powder, because the machine has already melted the original washing powder, and continuing to add it will only waste the washing powder. No effect of enhancing cleansing.

Second, the clothes will not be soaked in the automatic washing machine for a long time. Because the dirt in the clothes fiber only needs to be soaked in water for about 15 minutes, the dirt on the clothes soaked in this period of time is the easiest to clean, soaking for too long will make the clothes yellow instead of washing them more cleanly .

Thirdly, it is not suitable to use small materials, or use small materials with large materials. Using large materials means that an oversized automatic washing machine is used to wash too few clothes, which is a waste of resources, and it is also easy to cause the body to be too hollow and cause idling machines. This will make the machine go bad. The use of small materials refers to the small body holding too much clothing, which makes the equipment unable to operate normally and causes the equipment to jam. We should choose the right linen detergent washing powder according to our own washing needs.