The Use Of Caustic Soda In Life

- Oct 11, 2019-

The caustic soda is sodium hydroxide. In general, the caustic soda is a waxy piece that can be seen, and it is particularly easy to absorb water. So what are the uses of caustic soda in life?

1, Detergent:

Used in the production of various detergents, even today's washing powder is made from a large amount of caustic soda. Caustic soda is used in the sulfonation reaction.

2, Paper:

It plays an important role in the paper industry, and because of its alkalinity, it can be used in the process of boiling and bleaching paper.

3. Man-made fibers and textiles:

Man-made fibers, such as rayon, rayon, rayon, etc., are mostly viscose fibers made of cellulose, sodium hydroxide, carbon disulfide as raw materials, and sprayed.

4. Refined oil:

Petroleum products also contain some acidic substances after washing with sulfuric acid, which must be washed with a solution and then washed with water to obtain a refined product.

The use of caustic soda in life can be used to make detergents, paper, rayon and textiles, refined petroleum, and the role played is very powerful.