The Towel Is Washed So White And Clean

- Aug 22, 2020-

If you want to wash the towels white and clean, you must first separate the towels according to the color, material, and degree of dirt.

1. Towels are sorted before cleaning and disinfection.

(1) Classification by towel color: the treatment of towels of different colors together may cause mutual contamination, and the treatment methods of similar towels of different colors are different;

(2) Classified according to the degree of dirt on the linen: generally divided into three categories: heavy dirt, medium dirt, and light dirt;

(3) Classified according to the category of towel dirt: this classification method is for the special dirt that disinfected towels have in the process of use, and to deal with these special dirt, the effect of conventional methods is not obvious, and special methods are needed. If it is the same general dirt level, if it is treated together with routine treatment, it will only cause a lot of backwashing and cause waste; for example, beauty sauna towels and guest room towels cannot be washed together. Because there will be stains such as essential oils and massage oils on the beauty sauna towels.

(4) Classified by towel texture: such as pure cotton towels, wash cotton towels, etc. must be treated separately. Generally speaking, towels with the same dirt and pure cotton will take longer than polyester-cotton ones, higher temperature and larger ratio of washing products. Therefore, classification and treatment according to the texture of towels is beneficial to improve productivity and save costs.

2. Choose a targeted detergent with a reasonable ratio, a series of special detergents for cleaning and disinfecting towels, with good washing effect and reasonable price. Here, the three-legged cat cold water detergent manufacturer recommends Dr. Cat linen whitening detergent and Dr. Cat towel special detergent, which can not only have the effect of decontamination and whitening, but can also achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection.

3. Design the washing program according to the selected washing agent combined with the material of the towel and the condition of the towel cleaning equipment. When designing the program, deal with the water quality, the condition of the washed fabric, the type and degree of pollution on the washed fabric, the washing chemicals, In-depth analysis of the selection of washing equipment and water level.

4. Pay attention to the use of bleaching technology. The process of washing towels requires bleaching steps. To remove bleachable stains and have good whiteness, this depends on the strong oxidation of the bleaching agent, but the bleaching process also endangers the fabric. The process of service life, so the bleaching process is one of the key factors to control the loss of linen.

If the above four points can be used well, I believe that your towels will definitely be white and clean!