The Principle Of Using Calcium Chloride As A Desiccant

- Nov 19, 2019-

Calcium chloride is composed of chlorine and calcium. It is a colorless cubic crystal with honeycomb block, irregular granular and granular. Calcium chloride is a white solid at room temperature, and it has strong hygroscopicity. It is easy to deliquesce in the air and soluble in water. We all know that calcium chloride can be used as a desiccant. It is used to dry gas in the chemical industry. What are the advantages of calcium chloride as a desiccant? What is the use? What about the principle? Let's follow the Xiaobian to discuss and learn.

Principle: Calcium chloride is a porous solid particle or a honeycomb solid. Because anhydrous calcium chloride has strong hygroscopicity and positive and negative ions produced by calcium chloride solution have the characteristics of adsorbing dust in the air, calcium chloride is industrial. It can be widely used as a desiccant. Used to dry various gases. This takes advantage of the physical properties of calcium chloride.