The More Detergent Foam, The Cleaner The Clothes Will Be Washed?

- Sep 15, 2020-

When washing clothes, many people always think that the more foam the clothes are, the cleaner the clothes will be, but in fact, this is just an illusion. Most of the foam produced when washing clothes is the surfactant in the detergent, which is a chemical synthesis agent, which removes the stains on the clothes by emulsifying the dirt. The more foam, the higher the chemical components in the detergent, and the more sensitive it is to skin irritation. So, how should we choose laundry detergent?

Selection criteria for laundry detergent:

1. Low foam and easy to wash. Less foam not only reduces the number of rinsing, but also saves time, energy and water and electricity. In addition, the drum washing machine has high requirements for foam volume, and the use of low foam laundry detergent can avoid excessive foam and overflow.

2. Low viscosity and fast dissolving. Thickeners will be added to the laundry detergent, and the amount added will affect the viscosity. Low viscosity laundry detergent has no residue, and can quickly dissolve and release active factors.

3. Powerful cleaning. The cleaning effect is very important. You must thoroughly wash away stains, oil stains, and sweat stains, and wear "new" clothes every day.

4. Skin-friendly and gentle. The laundry detergent must not only wash clean, but also natural ingredients, gentle and non-irritating, does not hurt clothes, hands, and residues.

5. No phosphorus and no fluorescence. There is no pollution to the environment, and the clothes can be washed as clean as ever. Especially the clothes of infants and young children must choose environmentally friendly, pollution-free laundry detergent.

6. Supple color protection. Choosing a soft and color-protecting laundry detergent can protect the original color of the clothes, make the clothes as bright as new and smooth as new clothes, and no longer worry about color fading.

7. Washing and protecting in one. Washing is the most important thing, and taking good care of the clothes is also necessary. A good laundry detergent can make clothes soft and smooth without adding softener.

8. Scent and durability. If the clothes after washing can carry the fragrance of washing, it can make you feel good throughout the day.