The Method Of Making Natural Soap Liquid-keep Away From Daily Chemical Damage

- Jul 30, 2020-

Prepare materials: 

Pure natural vegetable soap powder 300g

Enzyme stock solution 2000g

Water 1000g

First soak 300g natural soap powder with 1000g enzyme stock solution (that is, the capacity of 2 mineral water bottles), filter out after three days, add 1000g enzyme stock solution to soak for three days and filter out, after filtering out, soak the soap powder with 1000g water, and filter out three The liquids are mixed together.

The soap liquid filtered with a cotton bag is poured into the bottle of shower gel for use for long-term storage and can be used directly for bathing.

The soap mud soaked in enzyme water can be used to wash your face and bath. Do not use for shampooing (soap mud sticks to the hair and is not easy to rinse off).

Make a natural bubble cleanser:

The natural soap liquid soaked in the enzyme liquid is diluted 1:5 with water, and used with a foaming bottle to produce very rich bubbles. Can save a lot of enzyme stock solution.

Note: Soap powder is pure natural vegetable soap powder, not soap powder for chemical laundry.