The Hand Sanitizer Is Packed With A Convenient Pump Head

- Nov 01, 2017-

The main function of the hand sanitizer is to play the role of clean skin care, some specific ingredients can play a disinfection, sterilization role, such as E. coli, but counterfeit products washed but the skin damage to the hand larger, so the daily necessities Commodities must look for the brand, concerned about the quality, resist counterfeiting.

The main ingredients of hand sanitizers include surfactants, emollients, Hand Wash Detergent Powder fungicides and other additives.

According to the main decontamination components can be divided into surfactant type, soap type and compound type; according to the additional function can be divided into ordinary type and antibacterial, antibacterial type;

According to the use of methods can be divided into washing and dry cleaning; Hand Wash Detergent Powder according to the appearance can be divided into transparent and opaque type.

Hand sanitizer with a convenient pump head packaging, easy to use, isolated from external pollution, to avoid the public caused by cross-contamination of the soap; hand sanitizer for the neutral liquid, and the human skin pH to adapt, and some products also added aloe, sea buckthorn oil Moisturizing ingredients. Hand Wash Detergent Powder Do not stimulate the skin of the hand.

Wash your hands with hand sanitizer

First use the water to fully wet hands, take the right amount of hand sanitizer in the palm of your hand full rub at least 30 seconds or more, in the process to pay attention to rubbing to the fingertips, fingers, and let the foam can cover all parts of the hand. After rubbing with water rinse clean. Finally, Hand Wash Detergent Powder pay attention to use a clean dry towel or paper towel dry, it is best not to dry, because the surface of the rapid evaporation of water will lead to partial loss of skin skin, causing the skin dry, become rough. Today, many restaurants, shopping malls, toilets and other public places in the toilet to provide a free hand sanitizer, to facilitate the other people also have questions: these free hand sanitizer will hurt the skin? In fact, even at home to buy a small bottle of hand sanitizer There may be excessive bacteria, poor emulsification and other quality problems, at present, China has not promulgated on hand sanitizer production and testing of national standards or industry standards. Before the formal standard has not yet been introduced, the standard of hand sanitizer by the production enterprises to develop enterprise standards, and by the local standardization of administrative departments for the record, Hand Wash Detergent Powder and then as a basis for production and sales. Because this enterprise standard does not have the mandatory and universal, the quality of hand sanitizer depends entirely on the production enterprise "self-demand" strictly or not.

Buy hand sanitizer Note:

1. To the regular shopping malls to buy, formal shopping channel purchase channel is relatively stable, there are more stringent purchase control system. In the case of

2. Observe whether the packaging is intact, printed on the bottle is printed on the clarity of the pump head is strong. General hand sanitizer is squeezed through the pump head liquid, Hand Wash Detergent Powder if the packaging quality is poor, then the process will not use the liquid or leakage, resulting in inconvenience and waste. In the case of

3. to see whether the signs are complete, if any name, site, etc., with particular attention to whether there is a standard number. Although the current hand sanitizer is not a unified national standard, but the state does not allow no standard production, so the production enterprises to develop enterprise standards, and packaging on the enterprise standard number to ensure product quality. In the case of

4. Note that the contents of the hand sanitizer itself, smell a smell or not, pungent smell. If it may be over the shelf life of the hand sanitizer or the use of prohibited raw materials, Hand Wash Detergent Powder it is best not to buy and use. But also to observe whether the stratification or oil and water separation phenomenon, if any show that the production process of emulsification process is not controlled, will affect the washing effect.