The Future Of Laundry Powder Product Technology Innovation

- Apr 08, 2017-

The future of laundry powder product technology innovation, at least can choose the following basic direction:

1 develop different specialties for specific objects and specific types of stains. To solve the problem of the key difference is the scope of products, in order to reduce the product (advertising should face the turning point), the development of new products, and to enhance a function to give up or weaken other functions. The formation of a new industry key technology, it is likely to be the decomposition of the decomposition of synthetic technology, the results of differentiation.

2 saving the cost of washing powder in the washing process. For example, saving tools, sites, manpower, time, etc., to further improve the concentration and reduce the number of rinsing should become the focus of the current technical research.

3 completely eliminate the washing powder on the skin irritation. A small amount of solution attached to the skin, fabric, not only does not damage the skin and fiber, but should play a protective role (which will also reduce the number of rinsing). For example, the development of skin care, skin care, as well as environmental protection, sterilization and other new features.

4 packaging size, material diversification. Non disposable packaging should be easy to carry (after unpacking should also be so). Packaging diversification is conducive to improve the price level and added value of washing powder, increase the "pieces" as a unit of retail opportunities.

In addition, adaptation and focus on technological progress of the washing machine can not be ignored, because the machine has many characteristics of hand washing can not match, even in the near future more than hand washing, so the washing machine market will no doubt than hand washing market. Even today, if anyone dares to give up the hand washing market, focus on the washing machine market, washing powder technology and washing machine technology