The Difference Between Washing Liquid And Detergent Powder

- Jul 09, 2018-

1, the form of the two different, so the formula structure is different, detergent powder is solid, can add a lot of solid filler, the filling can play the role of filling and washing, and washing liquid is generally liquid material or soluble raw material, no friction agent.

2, deposition, washing powder, because of a lot of solid additives, easy to redeposit on clothes is the fabric hard, and the liquid detergent water solubility, easy to wash, less deposition.

3, decontamination power, because of the detergent additives, friction additives, alkaline AIDS, enzyme additives, detergent strength is stronger than the laundry detergent (especially dirty greasy clothes). Washing liquid is a weak acid detergent, and its detergency is weaker than that of washing powder.

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