The Development Of Detergent Factory

- Jun 26, 2017-

Washing powder factory in a highly competitive market, in order to gain a firm foothold, so that their products in the market in an invincible position.First must ensure the quality of the product, at the same time by virtue of the film star spokesperson's advertising effect and the famous trademark of the flagship , So that consumers have a solid product trust. In the packaging, price, sales, service methods on the basis of local conditions, spiritual and grasp. In the town, the village., The market distribution point of sale. Detergent Powder Plant Choose to have integrity of the wholesalers, distributors, and establish a good long - term cooperative relations.

Spring and summer autumn and winter reincarnation, whether it is winter or heat, daily washing products are every day, every family, everyone, from the morning to get up to sleep at night to wash, everywhere the necessities of life. Its consumer market has no regional, temperature, age restrictions. The market is fully popular, as long as there is human life must need it. Washing equipment is so far the smallest investment projects, the most reliable, the largest market to get rich projects.

For the understanding of washing powder, Detergent Powder Plant most people will think it is a cleaning supplies, can only be used for cleaning clothing, in fact, this understanding is very one-sided, washing powder factory, washing powder can not only be used to clean clothes, Used in lithographic work, the following detergent factory on the application of detergent in the printing of a simple introduction:

First, with an effective clean version of the role. In lithography, ps version of the dirty is a very common problem, but also the industry is more distressing problems, Detergent Powder Plant encountered this phenomenon, we often use clean liquid, wetting powder and other cleaning, but do not know, add some laundry Powder, scrub more easily. As long as the clean liquid to add the right amount of detergent, and then gently scrub the dirty parts of the sponge, of course, detergent factory reminded, in the process of wiping to pay attention to, if the printing plate dirty parts of the flat network, wiping strength To be appropriate small, to avoid the flower printing version.

Second, the surface can be cleaned glue Kun glaze layer. We know that after a long period of use, the paper, the ink in the ink will be in the high-speed rolling under the surface of the condensation to form a layer of smooth glaze layer, so that the elasticity of the physical characteristics of rubber changes, thus affecting the suction Ink, ink quality. And clean the surface of the roller, is not an easy thing, especially for a long time to form a stubborn glaze layer, it is difficult to clean. At this time, if you use the right amount of detergent and clean liquid together with the liquid, coated to the need to clean the parts to wipe back and forth, will give you an unexpected clean effect.

Washing powder, every day will use the cleaning products, easy to get, if you encounter the above problems in the printing process, may wish to use the above method a try, Detergent Powder Plant I believe the detergent will bring you unexpected results.

Washing powder is the life must use the washing products, the classification of many. Today, surprising washing powder factory for everyone to introduce the classification of detergent, you can let everyone in the future to distinguish the classification of detergent.

Washing powder factory summary detergent classification:

1, ordinary washing powder and concentrated detergent powder is divided into A and B type: A type that ordinary washing powder, this washing powder particles large and loose, good solubility, the bubble is more abundant, but the detergency is relatively weak , Easy to rinse, generally suitable for hand washing; B-type concentrated detergent, this detergent particles small, large density, less foam, but the detergency is strong, easy to clean, save water, generally suitable for machine wash. Some consumers mistakenly think that the more the better the detergent bubble, in fact, the amount of detergent and the amount of detergent is not directly linked.

2, there are phosphorus detergent and non-phosphorus detergent powder detergent mainly by the surfactant and detergent additives. The role of detergent is to reduce the surface tension of water to remove stains on clothing; detergent detergent role is combined with calcium and magnesium ions to prevent dirt re-deposition, while helping to improve the ability of surfactant to decontamination The Phosphorus-containing detergent refers to the phosphate as the main additive of a class of products, phosphorus is a nutrient element, Detergent Powder Plant easy to cause environmental water eutrophication, thus undermining water quality, polluting the environment. Phosphorus-free detergent is no phosphate as a detergent a class of detergent, this washing powder without water quality eutrophication of this shortcoming is conducive to water environmental protection.

3, plus enzyme washing powder and perfume washing powder plus enzyme washing powder is added in the detergent powder, perfuming detergent powder is added in the detergent powder. Enzymes are a kind of biocatalyst produced by living cells, and the detergent powder containing a specific enzyme preparation has a special function for the removal of specific fouling. Compound enzyme can not only break down a variety of dirt, play a decontamination role, while some of the specific enzymes can also play a sterilization, whitening, color and other effects. Washing powder plus flavor is to meet the washing effect at the same time so that the distribution of aromatic clothing, people feel more comfortable. Such as jasmine flavor, lemon flavor and so on.