Synergistic Components Of Detergent Powder

- Jun 27, 2018-

In order to make detergent powder have better and more washing - related effects, more and more detergents contain special functional components, which can effectively improve and improve the washing performance of detergent.

According to the functional requirements, there are several kinds of synergistic ingredients used in detergent, such as enzyme preparation (protease, lipase, amylase, etc.), bleaching agent, bleaching promoter, etc. to improve the whiteness, such as anti redeposition agent, fouling dispersant LBD-1, enzyme preparation (cellulase), fluorescent brightener, and anti dye agent. To protect fabrics, such as softeners, cellulase, antistatic agents, color protecting agents, and so on.

Note: in fact, many brands of detergents are very similar in terms of the main ingredients used, and the mysteries of their products are often on these synergistic ingredients. The use of various enzyme preparations can greatly enhance the cleaning ability of detergent to special and hard washing stains, such as blood stains, sweat stains, food oil stains, vegetable and fruit stains, and so on. The bleaching agent can remove the pigment stains and remove the pigment; anti redeposition agent can ensure that the clothes do not yellowing after many times washing.


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